News coming in indicates that some galamsey operators have been arrested for engaging in illegal mining.

The collaboration between the government and the security forces seems to be effective and the coordination between them keeps yielding good results for them.

Over 200 illegal miners have been arrested by the Ghana Armed Forces after they were deployed to the various galamsey sites to stop the illegal practice of mining.


Galamsry has been a stone on the neck for the government and Ghanaians for a few years thus they showed their excitement when they head the arrest of the illegal miners.

The police arrested one of the pioneers in the galamsey business last week with the help of the government and the citizens.

Just last week, Aisha Huang was arrested by the police after she was charged with countless crimes including illegal mining and acquiring the Ghana Identification Card illegally.


The court is yet to take action on whether to punish them or jail them for involving themselves in illegal galamsey

While the government is forced to fight the illegal galamsey operators, the former president of the Republic of Ghana, John Mahama stated in one of his submissions that he will grant amnesty to anyone who has been arrested for partaking in the illegal galamsey.

Watch the video below.


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