There are many different popular cities in Ghana that requires a lot to survive in the hamlet.

In this article, we will brief and educate you on how the system of living runs and how to manage in the most expensive city in Ghana.

Ghana is made up of 16 regions with different cities situated in each region thus some of them are said to be the most expensive region to settle in while others are known to be moderate and the cost of living there is cheap and less expensive.


All the 16 regions in Ghana have different sub-cities thus we are going to educate you and gist you about how people can survive in such vicinities.

The most expensive and valuable city in Ghana is located in the Greater Accra region which is the capital town of the Republic of Ghana.

The fact is Ghana’s capital city, Accra is branded as one of the most expensive places to live.


What makes Accra the most expensive city in Ghana?

Before we delve into some of the factors that contribute to the high living standards in Accra, let’s do a small analysis and see why Accra is tagged as the most expensive city in Ghana.

The other cities in Ghana like Kumasi, Koforidua, and other major cities are known to be economically good and things are not costly, hence the residents living in the province find it moderately splendid and enjoyable living in the city.

The less expensive municipalities have low rent rates, low cost of living, and do not require much to buy food and other social amenities.

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Accra on other hand is considered to be the most powerful city in Ghana. It is branded as the largest populated city with different tribes from the various ethnic groups in Ghana.

The cost of living in Accra is greatly high and demanded thus it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to stay in the city.

One might pay 50 – 90 Ghana cedis to rent an apartment in the other cities but rent in Accra exceeds that amount of other communities located in Ghana.


Before one could rent a house in Accra, the person needs to possess some amount of money before he/she would be able to get a befitting abode to put his/her head.

Foodstuff, water, clothes, and other things that are cheap in other cities are highly expensive in Accra, making it difficult for people to cope with the system.

The only way to survive in Accra is to have a well-paid job and engage yourself in other businesses that would will you generate more income to make life simple and better for you in Accra.


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