The Rise Of Terrorism In Ghana

The Ghana Police Service is training new recruits and personnel for high-risk operations in preparation for combating terrorism.

Ghana, known for its peace, is becoming increasingly uneasy as a result of a string of terrorist incidents in neighbouring countries.

As a result, the police have indicated their readiness to repel terrorists.


A parade at the Kumasi Police Training School saw 170 recruits, 144 males and 26 females, graduate as junior rank officers.

They have graduated from the training school with modern skills in legal procedures, situational crime prevention strategies, and field training such as riding, shooting, and swimming.

The police force declares its readiness to fight terrorist

COP Edward Tabiri, Director General-ICT at the Ghana Police Service, who reviewed the parade, reaffirmed the Service’s readiness to combat any imminent terrorist attacks.


“Almost all of our neighboring countries have been the victims of some form of terrorist attack.” As a result, we cannot simply fold our arms and wait for the worst to happen. It has become critical to adequately prepare our personnel to respond to any such threat or attack. As a result, all recruits on parade were sent to the High-Risk Operation Training School, formerly the counter-terrorism enactment and concentration center at Akanteng in Yilo Krobo municipality of the Eastern region, as part of their basic training,” he stated “.

The police force is said to be befuddled.

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As they began their official duties, COP Tabiri charged the new officers with maintaining decorum, civility, and professionalism.


He promised to make strenuous efforts to root out criminals disguised as police officers in order to restore sanity and dignity to the profession.

“It is expected that when dealing with the public, police officers demonstrate a high level of professionalism, civility, and respect for the general public.”

This will undoubtedly gain their confidence and trust, and as a result, they may provide the necessary information and support we require to effectively discharge our mandates,” he added.


The police force declares its readiness to fight terrorists.
Five officers, including two female recruits, finished first in their class in a variety of disciplines such as drill, shooting, conduct, and top-ranked recruits.

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