The rise of HIV AIDS in Ghana has become rampant across the country and in the various rural areas in Ghana.

The mode in which the disease keeps spreading does not conform to the norm of our cultural values thus, there is a need for everyone to stay put and forgo things that might boost the disease to spread within the country and outside the province.

HIV AIDS is widely considered a dangerous and killer disease which affects the human system and damages the immune system’s resulting in casualties.


The estimated number of AIDS patients in Ghana this year is around 250,000. The rate at which the virus keeps dissipating within individuals is sad and disturbing.

What Causes HIV AIDS?

Different factors result in contracting HIV hence, we are going to give a brief gist about how a person can get HIV AIDS.

Here are a few points:


Unprotected Sex

Most of the time, people often do not regard the consequences of having unprotected sexual intercourse with someone they are not married to.

Having unprotected sex can be very dangerous and if the other is infected, he/she might transfer the disease to the other party without you knowing.


I know you might be amazed but the truth of the matter is that kissing an infected person means you are also prone to getting the virus at any point in time.

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If you are not infected and you kiss someone who has HIV and also has a cut in his/her mouth, you are likely to get HIV AIDS.

Child Birth

Infected pregnant women are likely to pass the HIV AIDS virus to their unborn children, but scientists have managed to come up with solutions to prevent unborn babies from inheriting the Virus from their mothers.

What Can You Do To Prevent Yourself From getting HIV AIDS In Ghana?

There are things the government and the citizens can do to reduce the spread of HIV in the country.


We will state some of the best clues for you to know how to avoid and desist from getting the HIV AIDS virus.

Proper Education

The government needs to educate the citizen about the virus and how to prevent themselves from getting the disease.

The people will be enlightened about the effects of the disease and how it can destroy their lives when they contract the virus.


Most people tend to be ignorant of the virus nevertheless, educating them will help them know the consequences of having unprotected sex.

Stay Chaste If You Are Not Married

As we all know, chastity is the total abstinence from premarital sex, and I know this point might not go on well with some people but I believe staying chaste will help you because having sexual intercourse with someone who is not your spouse is deadly and alarming.

Usage Of Condoms

The only alternative way to secure yourself from getting AIDS is to use a condom and the usage of a condom is not a guarantee that you would not be infected.

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Remember, the best thing to do is to abstain from premarital sexual activities.

From the above details given, most people need extra education, counselling and proper direction on how to do their best to stay away from things that will lead them to get the virus, and others seem to be ignorant and naive.

I hope this article has helped you to understand the need for extra vigilance and care regarding the spread of HIV AIDS in Ghana.


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