Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, visited Sheikh Ahmad Gumi in Kaduna just before travelling to the location of the gathering for presidential candidates hosted by the Arewa Consultative Forum, the Northern Elders Forum, and other northern groupings.

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The Islamic scholar from Kaduna, who was seeing Peter Obi for the first time in person, was grateful that he was there. Sheikh Gumi claimed that he asked Peter Obi three crucial questions when he was speaking about what transpired during their encounter.


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The cleric claims that he questioned Obi about his thoughts on restructuring. Additionally, he wanted to know how he would put a stop to and quell unrest in the South East, North Central, South West, and North East. Last but not least, he requested the Labour Party nominee for president to outline his plan for dealing with the issue of foreign investment in the nation.

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He stated: “I asked him about his views on restructuring because Nigeria had undergone restructuring since 1960 and how he could empower an unskilled nation.”

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