It is astounding how frequently the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP )’s top officials support Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s nominee for president.

The majority of people were perplexed and concerned about the rate at which some PDP members revealed their support for Peter Obi.

Ex-PDP Chieftain Matthew Barango has revealed the unspoken component of the whole issue.


Prior to the election in 2019, Matthew Barango, a former PDP leader and well-known politician in Bayelsa state, outlined his reasons for defecting from the party and joining the Obedient movement. In an interview with AIT News, Matthew talked about how he was a fervent supporter of Goodluck Jonathan and how he empathised with the governor of Rivers State

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In response to the subject, Barango stated, “I was a member of the PDP until the Governor Wike-related presidential primary election. I left the party in the open. Wike has indeed stayed in the PDP, but I have personal reasons for doing so. To begin with, Tambuwal and other leaders had previously defected from the PDP and worked against it. Second, despite the southern governors’ agreement that the region must produce the next president, the same group decided to run for office. In my opinion, Wike, who has tirelessly worked to build the PDP at a time when the party most needs people, is unfairly treated in my eyes.


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“My interest in the Occupy movement cannot be separated from what happened to Governor Wike,” he continued. We believe that Governor Wike is the PDP candidate from the South-South who can best fulfill the role of president. Due to the close ties between Rivers State and Bayelsa State and what they did to Governor Wike in particular, as well as what they did to my godfather, Goodluck, I am unable to tolerate their actions. “I made the decision to leave the party rather than see the problem,” he concluded.

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