Concerns about Bola Tinubu’s electoral prospects have been voiced by a group that backs the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential flagbearer. They emphasise that the south-west, where Bola Tinubu hails from, is known for pursuing unrealistic ideas, as was the case under Chief Obafemi Awolowo and MKO Abiola.

According to Vanguard News, the BAT ambassadors acknowledged that it is probably a major issue because it has always been a threat to any candidate from the SW zone in a statement made by the interim national coordinator on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters, Chief Afolabi Ekungba remarked that people from the south-west desire to establish standards that are not politically feasible anywhere and said that they are not angels to bring about such aspirations.


He claimed that the zone devised several assassination strategies for leaders such as Awolowo and Abiola, and that Tinubu could face a similar fate. The south-west zone’s concerns would, however, always be taken into consideration, it was observed.

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As he put it, “As if they were angels, the people of the Southwest will seek to impose norms that are politically unviable anywhere.” They always develop new strategies to undermine their own. Examples include what they did to Chiefs Obafemi Awolowo and MKO Abiola. “

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