The Ghanaian entertainment industry has been hit with different types of sad moments and tragedies but the most painful and scary part is the rise of deaths, strange accidents and the weird lifestyle of some of the media personalities and other entertainers who made us laugh and get rid of stress while growing up as kids.

In this article, we are going to discuss the sad happenings in the Ghanaian creative art industry, thus it is not our aim or motive to remember the family members whose sons or daughters are involved but to touch on a few points that need to be looked at to change the face of the entertainment industry.

The rate at which some people in our entertainment industry keep retrogressing and fading off is somehow disheartening and bizarre.


Ghanaians have lost hope in some of the celebrated and vibrant upcoming entertainers within a short period due to their greed and jealousy, and such news brings discomfort and sadness.

According to a report and detailed research, Ghana started music and movie craft before other neighbouring countries but it seems they have progressed and added more interesting stuff to their craft.

The Ghana movie industry has now become a graveyard for people who intend to create content or wish to act to earn money for a living.


Why do I term the industry a graveyard?

Some of the renowned and famous actors in Ghana have stated that you can not survive in the movie industry without any spiritual backup regarding the person’s beliefs.

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Those who have the passion to act end up backing off because of the deaths, strange illnesses and other things that have been happening to some of the people in the industry thus they see it as a graveyard and also they end up leaving just to protect themselves from such predicaments


Some of the key players in the movie scenes are no more because of envy and the antagonistic lifestyle of some of the people in the entertainment industry, and how will the movie industry progress with such mindsets and absurd thoughts?

The movie industry will only bounce back when we stay off things that do not bring progress or acts that would not hurt or cause mayhem to people.

The music industry seems to be on the same path as the movie industry hence the best way to bypass a colleague in the music scene has been revealed by some of the upcoming and old legends in the music game.


A rising musician named Yaw Tog recently made a shocking comment that he was attacked spiritually by a fellow musician just to kill his career as a promising music star.

Another musician called Roro claimed that he was almost killed by a music legend just because of money. The person is well recognized and known by Ghanaians but due to his legendary status, we can not publish his name.

There is an assertion that you can not survive in the entertainment space if you choose to work without any protection but I believe we should refrain from such a bad attitude because the entertainment industry will remain a stand if the industry players do not change their way of thinking.

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