“The world is indeed full of surprises.” Who would have thought that the person closest to this innocent actor wanted him dead?

Through CCTV, the manager of a hotel saved a Nollywood actor from being poisoned by his girlfriend.

According to the video circulating on social media, the popular actor was seen with his girlfriend at a hotel, drinking and chatting.


As it was published earlier, the guy went out to ask for something from one of the workers at the hotel.

According to the captured video on CCTV, the actor left his drink on the table where he was drinking with his girlfriend.

The actor’s girlfriend was seen putting a substance into her partner’s drink without anyone noticing, but she got it all wrong.


Guess what? Someone was monitoring her bad deeds.

After he finished talking to one of the workers, he came back to where he was sitting and took the drink he left behind.

He had no idea that his partner could go to the extent of poisoning him.


Immediately as he was about to take in the poisoned drink, the hotel manager walked directly to where the lovers were sitting and told the actor not to sip his drink.

The actor was confused and even told the manager to stop playing a prank on him because he was recording them while he was speaking.

He told the actor that his girlfriend had poisoned his drink, and therefore he should not take it again.

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The girl tried to deny it, but the CCTV captured the whole incident, and the girl persisted that she did not do anything.

She wanted to escape, but the manager ordered the security guard at the entrance to restrict her movement until the guy saw the video.

He nearly beat the girl, but the hotel manager managed to solve the matter.


The popular actor would have been poisoned if the manager had not come to his rescue.

We need to be careful with the kind of people we hang out with because some of the people we call friends or lovers might be dangerous without our knowledge.

See the video below


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