Reuben Abati and Oseni Rufai, broadcasters for Arise News, recently spoke on television about some recent political issues and offered their perspectives. Mr. Rufai criticised Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, at that time for declaring that he would uphold President Buhari’s legacy. He went even further by asking him specific questions.

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Rufai claims that he still does not fully comprehend what Tinubu means by such an assertion because he is unaware of any legacy Buhari has left behind that merits honouring or celebrating.


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He continued by pointing out that Tinubu’s remarks contained a passage that appeared to be an acknowledgment that Buhari had not performed well or left a legacy that was deserving of respect. Although your legacy may not be honoured just now, Tinubu remarked, “I will do everything to honour your legacy.”

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According to Rufai, Tinubu’s statement that “while your legacy might not be honoured now”, could be interpreted as an admission that Buhari hasn’t performed properly. Then he questioned Tinubu about whether the weak economy, high rate of insecurity, and other issues were the legacy he wanted to preserve.

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