Many people were confident that Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, may finally be the solution to Igbos’ yearning for power as a result of his ascension and the overwhelming support he is receiving.

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Even though Peter Obi possesses all the necessary traits to make a good leader, he wouldn’t be permitted to take office, according to Prophet Iyke Uzukwu.


People who oppose an Igboman holding the presidency, according to Prophet Uzukwu, are the ones who will stop Peter Obi from taking office in Nigeria.

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He stated, “There are many who object to having an Igboman present. “Obi is an excellent candidate; therefore, it’s a shame they won’t let him.”


Peter Obi has been labelled as a serious danger to both the PDP and the APC ever since he became the Labour Party’s presidential candidate. Analysts have predicted that the 2023 election will feature a close race between all of the contenders, despite the fact that some people have continued to write him off.

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2023 Presidential Election


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