The ultimate goal of every political party in Nigeria is to be voted into power and rule as the governing government, but most often, people tend to do the unthinkable in the name of being party supporters.

The top 3 political parties in Nigeria, the Labour Party, the All Progressives Congress, and the Peoples Democratic Party, are all led by rational humans who have the desire to lead the country.

The most interesting part of the issue is that most of the supporters have no clue that the various leaders in the political parties are best friends, but because of politics, they drift to another side to suit the party’s norms and regulations.


The citizens of Nigeria should note that politicians are not enemies, and they shouldn’t fight themselves because of their political differences.

Attacking a political candidate because of politics is not acceptable, and there is a need for individuals who indulge themselves in such atrocities to desist from such acts.

The 2023 presidential election would be one of the most memorable elections in the history of Nigeria’s politics.


It was announced that one of the top political presidential convoys was ambushed by gunmen, which is very bad because it would not help the country develop as we wish to see.

We have the right to share and speak our minds, but including violence is very dangerous and could result in a deep conflict among the various political parties.

If you are not convinced about a particular candidate, you have the right to vote against him, but using vulgar words and attaching chaos brings destruction.

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Other countries that have witnessed a serious war will testify that the lives of the citizens will become miserable when we choose conflict over peace.

We will urge everyone to vote in peace.

Remember, peace is the ultimate key. War is not an option.


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