However, what might have initially seemed like a bold and avant-garde fashion statement from Selina has stirred up a diverse range of reactions among her followers.

The ensemble featured intricate lacework, boning, and details, creating a captivating look of Selina’s curves in the dress.

Yet, the eye-catching design seemingly came at a notable cost, evident in the evident discomfort reflected in Selina’s posture.

She appeared to be struggling for breath, a predicament that has long plagued countless women who opt for corseted ensembles.

As expected, the online community, always eager to chime in on trending matters, has once again voiced their opinions. Supporters and admirers laud Selina’s bravery in venturing into uncharted fashion territories, celebrating her willingness to explore her uniqueness. Particularly noteworthy is her departure from the loose-fitting gowns she’s been associated with for many years.

However, critics have not held back either. They voice their concerns regarding the trade-off Selina seemingly made between style and comfort, suggesting that her discomfort might have outweighed the potential benefits of her dress choice.

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