News reaching us indicates that one of the suspects in Aisha Huang’s case passed out while interrogations and cross-examination were ongoing in the courtroom.

While the court was in section, the suspect had a blackout and this sudden tragedy made the judge halt the proceedings in order to seek medical assistance for the suspect who passed out.

The hospital and the person’s identity, and status have not been revealed due to the public due to security reasons and to avoid future implications.


The suspect who passed out was rushed to the hospital for immediate check-ups and proper medical examinations.

The police are yet to disclose the present state of the suspect regarding the incident that happened today in the courtroom.

The Ghana police and the military men arrested the galamsey queen, Aisha Huang and her accomplices.


The motive behind their arrest was that they are being charged with illegal mining.

She was arrested on the 5th of September 2022 with her counterparts.

According to some of the citizens, Aisha Huang has serious backing from big men in the country thus it would be difficult to jail or deport her anytime soon.


They further stated that one of the suspects, Aisha Huang is married to a Ghanaian millionaire thus having access to things in Ghana would not be difficult for her to possess.

They are currently held up in police custody to assist them in their ongoing investigations.

Aisha Huang was caught having Ghana Card and other state properties in her possession when she was arrested.

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The galamsey queen is considered one of the most successful galamsey operators to succeed in Ghana due to her involvement in the illegal mining business

According to the security experts, Aisha entered the country illegally and had a Togo National passport.

Investigationsare in process. We will keep you updated when anything comes out.


Nonetheless, former president John Mahama promised to release all detainees from prison when he is elected into power.

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