The most interesting gist of Nigerian politics is that the people within the province keep giving out their opinions about how they want the country to be governed.

It is every political party’s dream to be in power, but convincing people to vote for a particular party is a huge problem on its own.

The man behind such a deep revelation used to bash and troll the supposed candidate, but after countless thoughts, he has urged the people of Nigeria, including his fans, to support one of the presidential candidates and vote for him in the upcoming presidential election.


This shocking revelation seems to have taken people by surprise because the person he chose amongst the rest of the presidential candidates was being mocked by many people, thus it is kind of strange to see people supporting him now.

This man in question has a huge fan base across the universe; thus, his support might help the person win the election by a vast margin.

That being said, he insisted that the rate at which politics is being practiced in Nigeria would change in no time when the 2023 presidential election ends.


The person behind the post urged the citizens of Nigeria to vote for………read more

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