Efya stated that her friend invited her over so they could talk about certain related issues. Although they were great friends in high school, she claimed that recently they had not been communicating as much.

Despite her reluctance, she ultimately made the decision to go since Cece, who was more persuasive, did not accept her explanation of being busy.

To get to Cece’s apartment in Sahara, Accra, she took a Bolt. When she arrived, she spoke with Cece about relationships and other topics.


Then Cece started telling her about others who owed her money. Then, Cece called four of her debtors using Efya’s phone and instructed them to pay her because she was leaving for the village and wouldn’t be present.

To establish their identities so they could meet later to exchange money, Efya also spoke with the debtors on the phone. Then, Efya and her friend Cece had a bowl of noodles and a drink of an apple-yogurt smoothie that Cece had made.

Efya arrived home feeling a little sick and lethargic after everything was said and done. Her mother advised her to visit the hospital or obtain some over-the-counter medication because it might be the first sign of malaria.


Efya learned that her buddy Cece passed away in a car accident two weeks ago over the phone this morning, Saturday, October 15, 2022. She had just spent four days with Cece and couldn’t believe the news. 

“Although I last saw Cece four days ago, they claimed she passed away two weeks ago. I personally went to her home… My skull is currently exploding… I shared a similar situation with her. I shared a dish of indomie with her and we both ate it. “How is this even possible?” Efya strained to explain in a voice that was trembling terribly.

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