In a recent online discussion, Stonebwoy shared his thoughts on how Ghanaian artists could achieve international success similar to their Nigerian counterparts. A conversation that took place on Twitter space with TV personality Berla Mundi.

In response to Stonebwoy’s comments, Shatta Wale launched a verbal attack on his colleague, labeling him a “curtain raiser.” Shatta Wale accused Stonebwoy of yielding to pressure from Nigeria, seeking attention, and emulating Burna Boy’s behavior.

Speaking on UTV Showbiz Night, Arnold Baidoo criticized Shatta Wale for his negative comments and reactions, emphasizing that there’s nothing wrong with being a curtain raiser.

He pointed out that Ghanaian artists often preach unity and support among colleagues but fail to practice it. Such negative narratives and undermining comments hinder the progress of musicians and the Ghanaian music industry.

He also criticized Shatta Wale’s assertion that Stonebwoy wouldn’t achieve global success like Wizkid, Burna Boy, and others, questioning Shatta Wale’s current position in the music scene. Baidoo highlighted the inconsistency between advocating for unity while belittling fellow artists who work to represent Ghana.

“He is throwing jabs, there is nothing wrong with being a curtain raiser. Global Citizen concert, Stonebwoy was a curtain raiser and he didn’t die. He got paid

“Let’s assume Shatta Wale is the biggest artist in Ghana, What is his position really now in the music scene, You claim to preach unity yet you turn around to belittle your colleagues who are putting in the work to represent Ghana.

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“We get bashed for coming out to speak the truth, but these same artists are the ones bringing divisions, how do we thrive as a nation when we cultivate such ill attitudes”

In conclusion, Baidoo stressed the importance of speaking the truth and addressing negative attitudes within the music industry to foster growth and unity in Ghana’s music scene.

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