There has been news circulating in the media space that some people are plotting the demise of the All Progressives Congress party’s presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.

One of the allies of the APC party, Ogah, has stated that some of the people within the party do not like Tinubu, hence they would go to any extent to make him unpopular in the eyes of the Nigerian citizens.

Among all the presidential candidates in Nigeria, it seems Tinubu is the only one that has been ridiculed by a lot of people due to the poor economic management of his government.


Tinubu is considered one of the learned politicians in Nigeria, but the recent attack on his personality is kind of disturbing.

According to most of the people in the provinces of Nigeria, Tinubu is not fit to become the president of the Republic of Nigeria based on his previous political achievements.

The 2023 presidential election will determine who will be elected as the next president of Nigeria.


However, the feedback from some of the APC party members shows that a number of them are not willing to support Tinubu in his campaign regarding the upcoming presidential election.

Ogah made this statement to convey a message to those who intend to sabotage and confuse Tinubu to come out as a loser.

He claimed that some of the members are also plotting against the APC party for personal gain.


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  1. There is no doubt that the write up is a sponsored work of Labour Party. That your major fear for the coming elections is Tinubu. The more campaign of hatred against Tinubu the more his people like him. You are even making him more popular. You think you can bring the gentleman down? For where? The man has move far. All your yeye poll amount to nothing.

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