Nigerians living in Ghana are currently rallying behind the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

According to the news we received from some of the people living in Ghana, Peter Obi would be a great and supportive leader. Therefore, they are willing to risk their lives to make sure that Peter Obi is sworn in as the next president of Nigeria.

According to the source, both Tinubu and Atiku, the presidential candidates for the People’s Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress, have already conceded defeat in the general election of 2023, which is kind of funny and sad at the same time. 


They called on the presidential candidates of the APC party and the PDP party to concede defeat to prevent them from the pending shame that is about to befall them in 2023.

The statement made by Peter Obi seems to have convinced the people to support him. 
Peter Obi once said, “When we take over the country, we will deal with insecurity.” There will be hope for the future. The crime rate decreases the more young people are helped out of poverty. Under our direction, Nigeria would change from a consuming to a producing nation.

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