There are thousands of people who claim to be celebrities but have not contributed anything to their country or the community they live.

Celebrity status can not be given to anyone thus it goes with a lot of achievement and hard work.

People often call themselves celebrities as soon as they become popular or trend for a few days.


People should know that trending or becoming popular does not make you a celebrity. Most celebrities are famous and popular but aside from their popularity, they have been able to create, invent, lecture, and impacted positive vibes in the people in the country.

A Celebrity needs to have good morals because most young men and women look up to such people to achieve their desired aim.

Who Is A Celebrity?

A Celebrity can be described as someone famous, popular and who has been able to contribute his or her quota to the development of a particular country or community.


Attaining such heights comes with great sacrifices and commitment hence celebrities are people who have given their all to support the progression of a country, therefore, they need to be celebrated.

Celebrities In The Entertainment Industry

Those who entertain us through music, movies, and dancing have duly helped people to release stress, promote their culture and train young ones to master their craft when coming up as musicians, actors and professional dancers.

Celebrity Status

The late Michael Jackson is still celebrated even after departing from the world of the living.

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He contributed a lot to the music industry and he was celebrated and honoured with celebrity status due to the enthused and splendid output he brought to the entertainment world.

The most celebrated footballer in the history of Ghana football, Asamoah Gyan is also a perfect example of a Ghanaian celebrity.

Gyan is tagged as the best player Ghana has ever produced due to his outstanding performances and the sacrifices he brought to the National team.


You might become famous and well recognised but that does not mean you can call yourself a celebrity, thus it depends on what made you popular in the public domain.

A typical example of people who parade themselves as celebrities is those who gained or became famous through their inappropriate dressing lifestyles, uncultured attitudes and leaking their bedroom activities to the general public.

These people can never be celebrated or called legends because aside from bombarding the Internet with their nude pictures and throwing insults at elderly people, they have not done any meaningful thing to help their country grow.


Celebrities intend to help people understand and appreciate their real selves by organising workshops and educational programs to help the young ones know their worth on this earth.

These people also advise the youth to work hard and refrain from things that would not help them succeed in life.

Their life is well structured and organised, nevertheless, it is prudent to celebrate people who have been able to help and maintain the dignity of a country to grow without any form of distress or bad motives attached to their contributions to society.

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