In this article, we are going to lunge into the presidential race and take a good glimpse at who befits being the next president of the Republic of Ghana after President Nana Akuffo Addo’s governance comes to an end.

The battle is open for all but who is fit to glide to the throne as the next president of the Republic of Ghana?

Who do you assume will succeed President Akuffo Addo?


This question might sound convincing and confusing at the same time depending on the person’s political affiliation.

Politics in Ghana has taken a tremendous turn regarding how Ghanaians choose and vote for their favourite political party flagbearers.

The current President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akuffo Addo was given the mandate in 2016 to rule and govern the affairs of the state thus his term of office is about to end but there has been a series of arguments and confusion between the two biggest political parties, the NPP and NDC to be precise.


The ruling government, NPP believes that they have performed well in all sectors and deem it an honour to be given another opportunity to create a more serene environment for Ghanaians to enjoy and have a better life for themselves.

President Nana Akuffo Addo once stated in his reportage that, the world is in a serious crisis hence Ghanaians should relax their thorax and have faith in them but other people also are of the view that the NPP party has failed woefully.

The biggest opposition party in Ghana, NDC has taken an advantage of the brouhaha surrounding the recent economic problems and societal issues in Ghana, and they are of the notion that the ruling Party, NPP does not deserve to be given another opportunity to rule again because of their bad leadership skills, incompetence and unconcern attitudes from the appointed leaders in the party.

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The two biggest political parties have a common goal and that is to win the 2024 general election. There are learned and intelligent individuals in the two parties but who will be chosen to lead them?

This Question Remains Anonymous, Right?

The supporters of the New Patriotic Party, NPP are in a serious dilemma in selecting their flag bearer, but a couple of names have popped up.


The likes of Dr Bawumia, the current Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Hon Alan Kyerematen, and Hon Kennedy Ohene Agyapong name has been mentioned but the mandate would be given to the person who is capable of managing the economic crisis and providing solutions to them in a short period to lead the New Patriotic Party in 2024 presidential race.

On the other hand, the opposition party, NDC has not come out to disclose the person who is to lead the party in 2024 but most of their party supporters are rooting for former president John Mahama to battle for the presidential election.

Former President of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama served for only a term and most people find it absurd and bizarre because they believe that his coming back would not change anything when he is voted in power.


Everyone has the right to share their sentiments and opinion on the matter but the most important aspect is to examine the achievements and policies of the various political parties and choose the best candidate suitable to govern the affairs of the country

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Good governance comes with deep economic development, policy-making and a well-structured problem-solving implementation thus the only person who can decide is you.

What is your take? Share your thoughts with us.


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