Category A schools in Ghana are considered to be the best schools in the country. They have a good reputation, excellent facilities, and highly qualified teachers. However, there are a few reasons why 2023 BECE candidates should not choose category A schools.

Reasons why 2023 BECE candidates must not choose Category A schools


  • High Competition: Category A schools are very competitive. This means that students will have to work very hard to keep up with the demanding curriculum. If a student is not prepared for the competition, they may struggle academically and lose their confidence.
  • Lack of Personal Attention: Category A schools are large schools with a lot of students. This can make it difficult for teachers to give students the individual attention they need. As a result, students may not get the support they need to succeed.
  • It is not compulsory that BECE candidates should make their first choice from Category A schools. It is better to make your first choice from category B than A if you want to remain safer and relevant in the school placement competition when placement is being done.
  • Note that Schools in Category A are often in the category because they have the needed facilities and not because they perform well in the WASSCE.
  • There are better schools in category B compared to A in terms of their academic performance at the WASSCE. start school selection from Category B if your academic performance will not genuinely help you get placed in Category A schools.
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If you do not have the guts to make 7 to 9 ones or above 400/600 raw score, please consider the advice given in this post. Do not choose schools based n taste and preference or else, you will be disappointed.

Candidates and parents must note that it is not compulsory to choose schools from category A especially if the candidate’s performance does not match the competition for such schools. For instance, if you cannot make 7 to 9 once in the BECE, do not be tempted to choose such schools as your first choice.

No candidate will be placed in a school chosen based on luck. Schools must be chosen with the candidate’s academic strength and results from his or her Mock results. This is very important. For a candidate whose total raw score from the last three mocks is less than 350/600, it will be a dangerous decision to choose a category A school.

For a candidate to be placed, he or she must have a good raw score no matter the category from which a school is chosen. Note that, you can be placed into any of the 1-6 schools you chose.

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SHS like Kumasi Senior High/Tech, Ghana National College,  Anglican Senior High, Kumasi, Pressec Legon, and Presby Senior High/Tech, Aburi admit less than 10% of students who choose them. What this means is that for every 100 students who choose these schools, only 10 or fewer gain admission.

In 2021 Kumasi Senior High/Tech was chosen by 69,260 but only 2,758 which represents 4%.

If you are a 2023 BECE candidate, you should carefully consider your options before choosing a category A school. There are many other good schools in Ghana that offer a quality education without the high cost and competition of category A schools and these are found in category B and some in C.

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