One of Ghana’s most sensational and popular artist, Reggie Rockstone has opened up on why Paul told Timothy to drink the wine.

Reggie Rockstone’s take on the mistcontrued topic has settled everything thus his explaination and indepth knowledge about the Bible is well structured and superb.

He touched on a few points that will make you understand the concept and motive behind paul’s statement when he told Timothy to take in the wine.


Reggie Rockstone can be classified as a role model to the young ones coming up because of his true nature, humbleness, good celebrity lifestyle and the positive impact he has been able to bring to the community.

Read Reggie’s comment below:

He said ”In 1 Tim 5:23, Paul informs Timothy to, “No longer drink water exclusively, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.” This verse has been used by some Christians to justify the recreational consumption of modern day alcoholic beverages.”


Why Did Paul Tell Timothy To Drink Wine? Reggies Take

”It is obvious from the text that Timothy was suffering from a stomach ailment, though the nature of the ailment is not known.”

”However, Paul appears to suggest that the water is the culprit for his illness. Since the days of Hippocrates, it has been known that the water of the ancient world contained harmful bacteria that could produce illness.”

”When Paul writes this letter, Timothy is in Ephesus. Ephesus was an ancient, decaying city whose harbor was silting up and creating sewage problems that poisoned underground water supplies (Williams, Paul’s Metaphors, p. 101). It is very likely that this was the cause of Timothy’s stomach ailment.”

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”Fermented wine of ancient, biblical times was often used as a remedy for such illnesses as the alcohol would prevent dysentery by destroying the bacteria and harmful pathogens of the water.”

He further stated that this remedy was widely recognized by the Talmudists, Plutarch, Pliny, and as far back as the writings of Hippocrates himself (Fee, New International Biblical Commentary, p. 135).

He continued by saying, ”Therefore, Paul’s instruction to Timothy was in no way an endorsement of the recreational and social conception of alcoholic beverages, but advised purely for medicinal purposes.”


”This passage also reveals a lot about Timothy’s character. Regardless of the legitimacy of his need to consume fermented wine for medicinal purposes, it is reasonable to conclude that he had abstained from it for the sake of his own sobriety and personal influence.”

”Such was not expedient as his personal service to Christ was far more important than the potential damage inflicted by misguided critics, hence the need for Paul’s exhortation.

This passage cannot provide support or comfort for those desiring to engage in the pleasurable consumption of modern-day alcoholic beverages.”


He ended his motion by saying, ”First, imbibers rarely drink just a “little” as was Paul’s instruction to Timothy,

Source: Reggie Rockstone


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