Famous content creator, Kiekie urges women on the need to support their men as she sheds light on why she splits bills with her husband.

The comedienne who got married to Shonaola Ilori in February 2020 made the assertions on a podcast show hosted by the media personality, Toke Makinwa.

“You can’t be living in a house and not paying rent” — Kiekie on why she splits bills with her husband (Video)

According to Kiekie, it is in the best interest of women to split bills with their husbands as it helps ease the burden of living expenses.

She pressed on to cite a situation of separation where a woman may have to be sent packing empty-handed if she was never financially supportive.

Kiekie added in such a situation, she is certain of having an equal share of the properties in their household. She also noted that all local staffs in their household are paid by both herself and her husband.

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“I tell women this, How will you be paying in a house and not paying rent? On my birthday, fly me to Dubai, buy my designer bag; beautiful. But that I will be living in that house and not pay is impossible. So that when we divorce, you  carry chair, I will carry television; you carry roof, I carry floor; you can’t just tell me get out of my house,” she said in part.

Watch the video below …

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