A public affairs commentator, Theophilus Akatugba, has said that the outcome of the presidential election may not favour the chances of the APC’s governorship candidate, Sanwo-Olu, in Lagos State. In his interview on Plus TV, Akatugba revealed why the APC is joining forces with the smaller parties in Lagos State ahead of the governorship election.

Addressing the topic, Akatugba said, “The parties that have endorsed Sanwo-Olu are unlikely to make any significant impact in the election on their own, but they have pockets of supporters that can increase his chances. The small parties are aligning with the APC to prevent an opposition candidate from being elected based on sentiment. I think it is a positive development for the APC. The APC is going into an election in which the electorate confronting them is like a mob without reasoning.

They set out to retaliate for the hurt of the past and possibly cause damage instead of development.
He added, “For example, the outcome of the presidential election may cause some people to vote against the APC because they think that the election was rigged in favour of the APC, a party they believed should not have won the presidential election based on their calculations.” The APC has decided to slow down that mob movement.


Theophilus Akatugba made the statement while responding to the Accord Party chairman in Lagos State, who explained why his party decided to support Governor Sanwo-Olu in the governorship race.

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