On suspicion of fabricating her own kidnapping, a 19-year-old Zambian woman was taken into custody.

Police said that the woman, whose identity has been concealed, told her uncle that she was taken while on her way to church.

The woman allegedly proceeded to her boyfriend’s residence, where she allegedly made up the story that she had been kidnapped before leaving home under the guise of going to church, according to Zambian police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga.


The “abductors” claimed she had been given an unknown injection and was being held hostage at a hidden location; they called her uncle to inform him of their claim.

Further demands from the “abductors” included a ransom of 50,000 Zambian kwacha ($3,100; £2,800), failing which they threatened to injure the woman.

Following their investigation, which they claim revealed the claim to be fraudulent, police were able to locate the woman at her boyfriend’s home and take her into custody.


Her arrest and subsequent charges for cheating, a crime under Zambian law, led to her detention.

If proven guilty, she may receive a fine and a three-year prison term.

Although she will shortly appear in court, she hasn’t yet been able to respond to the accusations.


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The police recently detained two suspects in the recent kidnapping of 13 women and girls who were held captive for varied lengths of time, up to six months. While abductions are uncommon in Zambia, they have occurred recently.

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