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Gabs Feed is a registered communication and media company which provides authentic information, economic ideas, and business innovations to provide peculiar gist about Ghana regarding Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Politics, net worth and relationship tips, and of course, a bit societal issues. The news we publish is to educate, entertain, and enhance the well-being of our readers.

GabsFeed.com is a leading source of trusted entertainment, politics, and sports news. We strive to create awareness and update our readers on trending news across the globe.

What Is Our Aim Or Vision?

Every person within a particular province or community has the basic right to get access to proper news. We provide unique and credible information each day, and anytime.

Gabs Feed supports and promotes the rights of our readers which help build the capacity to improve good policy initiatives through the media.

For Quick Review, We Cover News On The Following Categories


We disseminate credible news and educate the public about the various political parties and politicians in Ghana. In this category, we talk about trending news on economic problems and governance.

You will also get to know about the big names in the political scenes like Kennedy Agyapong, President Nana Akuffo Addo, former president John Mahama and other top politicians.


We publish news about musicians, actors, and tv presenters and our core mandate are to educate the public on the trending issues surrounding Ghanaian celebrities, music and their careers.


In this category, we will update you on trending news around you and how to live a healthy life. We publish news about celebrities’ lifestyles and their mode of dressing. It talks about their day-to-day undertakings and how they go about their duties.

Net Worth

This category talks about the total earnings of top personalities and how much they’re worth. We will reveal the hidden net worth’s of your favourite celebrities and top high-profile personalities, and people within your province. You will also get to know about the richest businessmen in the world.

You can Check out our legal pages which are Our Privacy policy page, Terms And Conditions, Disclaimer page and you can click here to contact us.