Home Health “Can Cause Hypertension and Diabetes”: Medical Experts Raise Concerns over Milky Doughnuts

“Can Cause Hypertension and Diabetes”: Medical Experts Raise Concerns over Milky Doughnuts


  • Medical experts have weighed in on the trending milky doughnuts, assessing its nutritional value for the average Nigerian who is embracing it unfettered
  • The doctors warn that the sugar level of the snack is too high and the amount of calories it carries is excessive
  • The experts caution Nigerians against hopping on trending foods on social media, especially if they have not been vetted by food scientists

Nigerians might be surprised to learn that the trendy milky doughnuts, smothered in powdered or condensed milk, may be more trouble than they’re worth.

Medical experts, after careful research on this popular snack, have raised concerns about its safety and urge Nigerians to moderate consumption.

Milky Doughnuts
Doctors say the locally prepared snack may also be unhygienically processed without consumers knowledge
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Health risks of milky doughnuts

These medical professionals, speaking to PUNCH on Monday, April 8, flagged the potential for Milky Doughnuts to cause diabetes, hypertension, and obesity, among other health problems.

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They highlighted the generally low nutritional value of junk food and pointed out the high levels of fat, sugar, and calories in these doughnuts, which can contribute to unhealthy weight gain.

“These doughnuts are low in nutrients, making them an inadequate dietary choice,” warned Charles Ogunikpe, a dietician.

“The high sugar content can increase the risk of gum disease and cavities. Additionally, Milky Doughnuts have a high glycemic index, meaning they can cause blood sugar spikes.”

The rise of milky doughnuts

The phenomenon began on TikTok, a popular video app among Nigerians. Clips and reels glorifying the irresistible sweetness of Milky Doughnuts went viral.

The trend spilled over to X (formerly Twitter), where skit makers jumped on the bandwagon, creating videos showcasing homemade versions. With newfound fame, online vendors capitalized on the hype, heavily promoting and advertising the snack.

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Doctors’ concerns about milky doughnuts

Health experts raise concerns about the locally prepared and packaged nature of Milky Doughnuts.

The lack of clear labeling with nutritional information makes it difficult to determine the exact ingredients. Experts advise caution regarding any food not tested and verified by food scientists.

Woman Who Started Milky Doughnuts Business Records High Sales

Meanwhile, Legit.ng had earlier reported on a woman who took to her social media account to share how her newly found doughnut business was booming.

In the video, he shared the large quantity of snacks she purchased and showed how she was going to make the sales.

Source: Legit.ng

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