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John Dumelo is a beacon of constructive youth politics in Ghana


John Dumelo with some students John Dumelo with some students

Youth participation in Ghanaian politics has long been a pressing issue, with many advocating for greater representation and involvement. However, reality often falls short of this ideal, with political landscapes dominated by polarization, political rhetoric, and ideological extremism.

In such an environment, the sponsorship of young politicians becomes a critical factor, influencing their independence of thought and action.

Let’s face it, the Ghanaian political environment is often polarized, with deeply entrenched beliefs on either side. This increasing ideological gap and division between individuals or groups are characterized by extreme positions and a lack of common ground.

This nature of politics compels any young person entering politics to embrace one side of the ideological beliefs without question. Failure to obey leads to a lack of sponsorship and support from party leaders who are championing these beliefs.

The aforementioned leads us to the prevalent question of who sponsors these young politicians. Political funding in Ghana is largely made by parties, groups, and individuals with vested interests, compromising the autonomy of emerging leaders.

While advocacy for youth involvement is important, it’s equally prudent for sponsors to support these leaders without compromising their integrity. In so doing, young people will possess the means to win political positions and lead without compromising the public interest of their sponsors—largely political parties and leaders.

In contemporary times, John Setor Dumelo emerges as a beacon of constructive youth politics. Known for his roles as an actor and farmer, Dumelo defies the norm by engaging in politics with a refreshing approach. His involvement with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) exemplifies this, where he campaigned without resorting to divisive tactics or demonizing opponents.

Dumelo’s journey into politics reached a milestone when he contested the NDC primaries and won the parliamentary candidacy for Ayawaso West Wougon Constituency in the 2020 general elections. Despite his eventual loss, Dumelo’s civil demeanor towards opponents earned him admiration and respect, showcasing a model of constructive political engagement.

Beyond politics, Dumelo’s foray into farming serves as an inspiration to Ghanaian youth. By embracing agriculture, traditionally overlooked by youth, especially celebrities, Dumelo highlights the potential for wealth creation and empowerment among youth outside politics and conventional paths.

“I am not a Ghanaian, but I have followed Mr. John Dumelo on social media platforms for a while. This man would make a great Ghanaian leader and possibly a good president. He has the insight, and he’s passionate about changing the lives of Ghanaians. The world needs young, vibrant leaders. I have visited Ghana in the past, and I must say it is a great country,” says a social media user, DM Mutisya.

John Dumelo’s approach to politics and entrepreneurial success is worth emulating by young people as we seek to engage in politics with integrity. His journey underscores the importance of sponsorship, which preserves the integrity and autonomy of emerging leaders. Moreover, his diversified endeavors challenge societal norms, encouraging youth to pursue unconventional but legal paths to success.

As Ghana navigates its political landscape ahead of the 2024 election, Dumelo stands as a symbol of hope and possibility for the next generation of leaders. Let’s engage in youthful politics with integrity.

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