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Is 5G changing the world of online entertainment? | The Guardian Nigeria News


One of the online world’s most anticipated developments is 5G. In the last few years, it’s become more common among global consumers. New possibilities come into existence thanks to 5G technology. Online entertainment is a forerunner in taking advantage of this service. Movies, streaming, and gaming are the most prevalent entertainment divisions set to improve.

What’s 5G?

As mentioned previously, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. It has faster upload and download speeds compared to the 4G network. This service can reach speeds of up to 10 gigabytes per second in optimal conditions, which is about 10 times more than 4G’s 100 megabytes per second.

Online Entertainment Influenced by 5G

This new wireless technology became a game-changer in the online entertainment industry.

Online Casinos

Online casinos already changed the scene with the introduction of crypto casinos. Now, with 5G, the market is set to change again. Players will not only be able to access titles like Bombastic crypto-games but also see a new change in the live dealer offering.

The overall experience will improve, with faster loading times and increased quality in casino games. Casinos will offer a more authentic experience, some even implementing VR gaming.

Movies and Streaming

Most people are excited about the enhanced video quality that comes with 5G. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, AppleTV, and Hulu can offer better video quality without affecting the streaming quality.

It allows for streaming 4k and 8k content without constant buffering or loading screens. As such, movie mechanics and innovation can also continue, as the producers know there’s a platform capable of streaming it.

Virtual Reality and Metaverse

The exceptional benefit of faster upload and download speeds is the realisation of virtual reality (VR). With the metaverse and VR, you need a seamless connection as people interact with it digitally.

VR and the metaverse are becoming increasingly common in society, with even art galleries using it as a platform to showcase art pieces. With 5G, people can smoothly interact with VR and the metaverse in a more authentic and immersive manner.

Gaming Industry

Video gaming has become one of the most valuable markets globally. International competitions are held yearly and fast network speeds are critical. A game lagging or glitching can mean the difference between winners and losers in competitive gaming.

With 5G, professional gamers don’t need to worry about missing their shot or chance due to a game lagging. It can also open the possibility of casual players getting better access to overseas games and servers. This way, the industry will keep growing as it enhances the experience.

Benefits of the 5G Service

The improved bandwidth of this service is what truly revolutionises the media industry. A low bandwidth can mean extreme loading times or even servers crashing. However, with 5G, there’s less chance this might happen. It also features improved latency.


It’s the term for the time it takes a data packet to reach the server or another data packet. It’s often directly correlated with the distance between packets and the network speed. As such, even if the physical distance doesn’t change, 5G can decrease the latency by offering better speeds.

Is This Service Available Everywhere?

While 5G has been making the rounds for the last few years, it’s still not as widespread as 4G. The top five countries that adopted 5G in cities are:


  • United States of America: 503 cities
  • China: 356 cities
  • Finland: 137 cities
  • Philipines: 109 cities
  • Canada: 90 cities


However, these are the location statistics for April 2023, which means it’s probably become even more widespread almost a year later.

The Future of Online Entertainment

With the online entertainment industry depending on latency, bandwidth, and network speeds to offer its services to consumers, 5G is a dream come true. Despite not yet being mainstream, we can see how it impacts the industry’s future.

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