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Traditional authorities’ role important in Ghana’s body politics—Speaker Bagbin


By Elsie Appiah-Osei, GNA 

Accra, April 01, GNA – Speaker of Parliament Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagin has emphasized the role of traditional authorities in the country’s development and has called on them to actively get more involved in the development of their traditional areas. 

He urged chiefs, queens and other elders in the various traditional areas to engage the government and leadership of government openly and frankly on issues affecting development of their areas. 

“Talk to us, the chiefs, and about us, to shift the political discourse from deception to development,” the Speaker said, adding, “The traditional authorities continue to be the most powerful institution in this country, and I anticipate that you will play an important role in body politics and as custodians of Ghana’s rich resources.” 

Speaker Bagbin , who last year was honoured as the Tengmaale Naa, the Development Chief of the Takopo Traditional Area, made the call at the Wilaa Festival of the Takopo Traditional Area, held on the theme: “Nuoriyeni, Maarong Aneng Maaluu (Unity, Peace and Development).” 

The Speaker observed: “The country is retrogressing faster than the people think it is progressing…Our lands are being destroyed by foreigners introduced by citizens, we cannot feed our children in school, and yet, every morning, we are on all Radio and TV stations, defending things and explaining why only corn is fed to our children for a whole week.”  

He wondered why some people in authority did not care about what was happening to the less privileged; and this, he said, had made most of the youth to be full of excuses in their dealings. 

“No sincerity, no honesty, no respect for elders these days. And all these could be attributed to the decay of our culture, tradition and values.” 

The Speaker referred to a statement of the Greek Philosopher Socrates, that, “an unexamined life is not worth living, “and explained that there was therefore the need for leaders to take a deep introspection of themselves and ask themselves what they wanted for the country.  

“Almost everything is gone amok in this country,” he said. 

Speaker Bagbin said as a country, traditional leaders should be reminded that it was their culture which identified them and anchored them to development.  

In an apparent reference to the brouhaha over the expected presidential assent to the anti-gay, lesbian queer practices bill, the Speaker said: ‘As Ghanaians, we should be mindful of what we accept in our culture in the name of globalisation and human rights. 

Speaker Bagbin, a Catholic by faith also quoted the Bible, citing 1 Corinthians 6: 12 that, “all things are lawful but not all are expedient.”  

Touching on the theme, the Speaker said it was very apt and inspiring and to him, festivals were used as effective catalysts for unity, peace and development.  

“Festivals are effective tools of sustainable development and peacebuilding. The celebration of festivals gives meaning to life and communal living. I dare say, any community without a festival is a dead society,” he said. 

He therefore used the occasion to call on all sons and daughters of the Takpo Traditional Area to get involved in issues of concern and be interested in the development of the community. 

He also used the occasion to applaud Takpo Naa, Queen mothers, Queens, Elders and People of  Takopo for the establishment and continuous celebration of the Wilaa Festival for more than twenty-six years now.  

He pledged to do everything possible within his means, to support the development and well-being of the people of the area.  

Takpo is richly endowed in gold and Azumah Resources Limited has been given the licence to exploit it. 

However, not much has been done.  

Mr Bagbin therefore called on the Government through the Minerals Commission to grant them community mining licenses to enable the teeming youth in the area to engage in legal and responsible mining with the community. 


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