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Nigeria, Liberia unite in historic entertainment alliance — Saturday Magazine — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News


It’s no news that the bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Liberia, which started in 1960, has seen both countries establish Diplomatic Missions in each other’s capital. And since then, the relationship has been cordial and with mutual respect, thus giving birth to high exchange of visits between officials of governments of both countries.

On this premise, stakeholders in both countries’ creative industries — artists, musicians and filmmakers — were on Monday, April 1, brought together under one roof in what would be considered a historic entertainment alliance conference in Lagos.

The conference is a collaborative initiative between Dgee Power Entertainment and Padmore Entertainment. Theme: ‘Strengthening Entertainment Fusion between Nigeria and Liberia’, the conference, which is aimed at harmonising the entertainment industry of the two countries, had in attendance the big names from all sectors of the entertainment.

In his welcome and opening remark, Chamberlain Emmanuel, founder of Dgee Power Entertainment, said the conference is targeted at uniting both nations through the power of art by bringing together artists, musicians, filmmakers, and creatives from both countries.

According to him, the collaboration seeks to create a harmonious blend of cultural expression that resonates globally, adding that the initiative will celebrate the shared histories, values, and traditions of Nigeria and Liberia, while fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation between their people.

“The inspiration behind the idea stems from the desire to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of both nations and to foster greater collaboration and understanding through the universal language of art.

“It’s driven by the recognition of the shared histories, values, and traditions between Nigeria and Liberia, and the belief in the transformative power of cultural exchange to unite diverse communities and amplify their voices on the global stage,” Chamberlain explained while revealing what inspired the symposium.

On his part, the CEO, The Padmores Entertainment, the partnering Liberian company, Victor Padmore said the objective of the conference is to create a vibrant platform for cultural exchange and collaboration, uniting artists from both nations to produce innovative and compelling works that celebrate their shared heritage while promoting mutual understanding and appreciation.

“This initiative seeks to foster deeper connections between the people of Nigeria and Liberia, promote cultural diplomacy, and showcase the richness and diversity of West African art and creativity to the world,” he said.

In her paper presentation, Liberian queen of airwaves, Grace Hawa Weah popularly known as Master Queen, harped on building a substantial relationship between the Nigerian and Liberian entertainment industries.

Speaking on the topic: ‘Strengthening Entertainment Fusion between Nigeria and Liberia for an Unprecedented Art’, the revered OAP stated that the topic that tends to create innovative and remarkable art between Nigeria, Liberia, and Africa at large.

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