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67 errors on Performance Tracker not a massive issue


The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has acknowledged discrepancies in the recently launched performance tracker but has downplayed concerns about the 67 identified errors, describing them as not alarming.

Asiedu Kokuro, the Deputy National Communications Director of the NPP, emphasized the importance of recognizing the government’s initiative and encouraged Ghanaians to concentrate on the benefits of the Performance Tracker rather than the minor inaccuracies.

The Performance Tracker was launched by the government on Wednesday, April 10, 2024. At the official launch of the tracker at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Oppong Nkrumah, the Minister for Works and Housing stated that the tracker currently encompasses over 13,000 projects nationwide.

He elaborated that the newly introduced Performance Tracker is designed to ensure transparency and accountability in the implementation of infrastructure projects across the country.

Following the launch, the government acknowledged that 67 entries were erroneously included in the list of projects featured on the Performance Tracker.

During an interview on The Big Issue on Citi TV, Asiedu Kokuro hailed the Performance Tracker as a “game change for Ghana’s democracy.”

He acknowledged that errors are inevitable with the mass data entry of the projects but assured that the errors are being corrected.

Mr Kokuro emphasized that the government deserves commendation for such a project, which allows the government to account for its stewardship to Ghanaians.

“The Performance Tracker is digitalized, everybody can access it online and, on the App. It’s a great innovation. And to be able to bring on board more than 13, 000 government projects, you talked about 67 projects people have talked about. Indeed, when you enter mass entry onto a system, obviously there will be some errors, the errors are not so massive.

“I want to assure your viewers and listeners that the team is rectifying all the errors identified by Ghanaians. By Monday the errors will be solved. The errors are not alarming, we need to applaud the government for coming out with this great initiative.

“We have done well, we need to account for 7 years what we have done, and we have done monumental things… If people want to do a proper critique of the projects based on critical analysis, not on conjectures or to score cheap political points, but stay focused and let us do a fair judgment analysis, I think this is a game changer for our democracy,” he told host Selorm Adonoo.


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