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Junior Pope Last Words Before He Died


The death of Nollywood actor Pope Odowondo, aka Pope Junior, who passed away today, Wednesday, left many in shock While many are still trying to grab the news of his death, a video of his last moments caused a buzz online

In the video, the actor was seen going to a movie location on a boat, and he had no life jacket on, as he recorded himself while in the boat

Junior pope last words reads..

I am begging the captain that I’m the only child and I have three boys, I will raise them. Calm down with the speed.” His death was announced by filmmaker Sam Olatunji, who revealed the actor and three others died as their boat capsized along Anam river in Anambra state

Thank you and goodbye.”

Junior Pope’s words remind us to appreciate the people in our lives and to value every moment we have.

It’s a message of love, gratitude, and the importance of making the most of our time here on earth.

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