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You can apply to University of Ghana with up to 3 WASSCE Results


The University of Ghana accepts up to 3 WASSCE sitting for admission purposes
A lot of students have had their nightmares after writing WASSCE

Some gets to write it once while others also write it more than twice 

If have written WASSCE more than once you are wondering if you can use to it apply for admission at the University of Ghana, this is possible.

At University of Ghana, prospective applicants applying to study any program of their choice have the option to indicate at most 3 WASSCE Results by indicating their index numbers on the online application form

The University will then contact WAEC and access your results
What happens is that the University will then pick the best six (6) in your results which is either two or three

The University then determines whether you will be admitted based on the cutoff point on a particular program you applied
For example

First sitting

English D7
Mathematics core C6
Social Studies B2
Integrated Science C5

Government B3
Economics D7
Elective Mathematics C5
Geography B3

Second sitting

English B2
Mathematics core C4
Social Studies B3
Integrated Science C4

Government A1
Economics C4
Elective Mathematics B2
Geography C5

From the above you could see that the two sitting has different grades and the candidate performance varies in both sitting

So basically the university will pick the best six out of these two sitting to give you give admission

From the results here and picking the best six.
The candidate had Grade 14 and is eligible to apply

Apply now using the link below

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