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Steps to take after NSS Posting Is Out -2024/2025


This guide is for all NSS personnel who have received their NSS posting. Gabsfeed.com have outlined some practical steps to take after the National Service (NSS) posting is out.

It is important to note that posting registration should be completed by the date announced by NSS

Management of NSS further directs all graduates who have been duly posted and accepted by their user agencies to begin their national service on Wednesday, November 1st, 2023(date to be out), even as they undergo the validation exercise.

Crucial Steps to Take After the National Service (NSS) Posting 2024/2025 Is Out

1. Check the details of your posting (where you will be doing your national service) on the NSS portal.

In another way, you can send your NSS number via SMS to a short code that will be announced by the NSS for a little fee. (Example * 714 *77# for 2024/2025, at a charge of ghc3)

2. Log on to the NSS Website, http://www.nss.gov.gh, and click on “Check Postings”.

3. Follow the required processes online and print at a copy each of the appointment letter and posting letter that appear on your screen.

4. Proceed to the place of poring (user agency) where your appointment letter will be endorsed by the head of the institution, as proof that you have reported or Human Resource Director with an official stamp.

5. Upon receipt of the endorsed documents by your user agency, visit the NSS website to schedule an appointment indicating date and time for regional validation and acceptance.

Note that some regional offices like those of Greater Accra and Ashanti have been decentralized, and personnel are thus to report to their given zones or district.  The earlier done, the better, as there may be long queues which may result in you being delayed by a day or two.

Check out 👉 Stockton University Student Portal – stockton.edu

6. National Service Personnel (NSP) accepted by User Agency should proceed to NSS Zonal Registration Centre for validation and registration to obtain Regional Acceptance Number (RAN).

One of the following means of identification is required; Student ID, Ghana Card, Voters ID, Drivers License, Travel Passport, and SSNIT ID.

Step 7

7. A registration officer will take you through the facial recognition process.

8. After validation, print a new appointment letter which has the “RAN” and make three photocopies.

Submit a copy to the NSS District Office, give a copy to the user agency and keep one.

Only Personnel who book an appointment will be attended to at the regional zonal registration centres.

8. Note that once the service starts, you will be required to submit a “Duty Reporting Form” that has been endorsed by your supervisor at your place of posting, to the NSS District Office before the 15th of every month.

This is to facilitate the processing of your allowance and serve as a way to obtain information about your performance at the workplace.

9. An assessment form commented on and signed by you, will be completed by your employer and forwarded to the Regional Coordinator by the end of the month of May,

and you will be issued a “Certificate of National Service” after the successful completion of your service.

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