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University of Ghana cut off points for admission- 2024/2025


As it is always said, admission cut-off points are determined by two factors: quotas for admission and performance of applicants in the WASSCE of that year.

The quota for admission is decided by the admission board under the auspices of the academic affairs directorates, on the other hand, the performance of WASSCE candidates is determined by the general performance of applicants in that particular year in relation to the programmes applied among other things

University of Ghana Opens Undergraduates Admissions for the 2024/2025 Academic Year

frequently asked questions about Legon admission 2024

What programmes are available for pure Business students?

Business students can apply for the following programmes:

  1. B.Sc. Administration
  2. Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  3. Bachelor of Arts

My aggregate is more than 24, and I have all the required credit passes (C6). Can I apply for a regular programme or as fee-paying?
No, any aggregate score higher than 24 will qualify you for the Distance Education programme, which is conducted on weekends at all regional learning centres and follows the same four-year degree programme

Can Agric Science students apply for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programme?
No, the requirements for this programme are Biology, Chemistry, and either Physics or Elective Mathematics

How can I contact the Admissions Office?

Contact the appropriate College Academic Office for support:

Contact the main admissions office regarding general admissions issues:

  • Undergraduate Admissions Unit
    • Phone Numbers: 0302 213820 ext. 6018, 0302 213820 ext. 2637        
    • WhatsApp numbers: 0200480344
    • Email: admissions@ug.edu.gh
    • Office Location: Legon Campus , Registry, Academic Affairs Directorate  (R D19 )

Now that we know how cut off points are determined by the University, let us look at the cut off points- 2024/2025 academic year

current WASSCE grade interpretation

A11 ExcellentA1 – Excellent 
B22 – Very GoodB2 – Very Good
B33 – GoodC3 – Good
C44 – CreditD4 – Credit
C55 – CreditE5 – Pass
C66 – CreditF6- Fail
D77 – Pass  
E88 – Pass  
F99 – Fail  

Legon Cut off points 2024/2025  the 2024/2025 Undergraduate Admission

College of Basic & Applied Sciences
Programme1st Choice2nd ChoiceSubject Requirements
College of Basic & Applied Sciences   
BSc. Biological Sciences16 (18)8(9)C6 in Chemistry
BSc. Agriculture24 C6 in Chemistry
BSc. Earth Sciences2412(14)C6 in Chemistry, C6 in Physics
BSc. Agricultural Engineering22 B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Biomedical Engineering10(11) B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Computer Engineering8(10) B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Food Process Engineering1813B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Materials Science & Engineering18(19)13B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Family & Child Studies16 C6 in Management in Living
BSc. Food & Clothing20 C6 in Chemistry
BSc. Information Technology9(11) B2 in Core Maths
BSc. Mathematical Sciences12(15)7B3 in Elective Maths
BSc. Physical Sciences2421(24)C6 in Chemistry, C6 in Physics
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine14  
BSc. Psychology22  
College of Health Sciences   
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery7  
Doctor of Pharmacy8  
BSc. Nursing8/12 08 for Non Science / 12 for Science Background
BSc. Midwifery8/12 08 for Non Science / 12 for Science Background
Bachelor of Dental Surgery9  
BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences1110 
BSc. Physiotherapy1413 
BSc. Dietetics1412 
BSc. Diagnostic Radiography1210 
BSc. Occupational Therapy1614 
BSc. Respiratory Therapy1412 
Bachelor of Public Health16  
College of Education   
BSc. Education24  
BA. Education21  
B.Ed. (JHS Specialism)24  
Bachelor of Education (Early Grade Specialism)24  
Bachelor of Education (Upper Grade Specialism)24  
BA. Education (English)20  
BA. Sports and Physical Culture24  
BSc. Information Technology – Distance Education24  
BSc. Administration – Distance Education30  
Bachelor of Arts – Distance Education30  
BSc. Administration – Kumasi City Campus24  
BSc. Administration – Takoradi City Campus24  
College of Humanities   
Bachelor of Laws6  
BSc. Administration – Legon Campus7  
BSc. Administration – Legon Campus (Full-Fee Paying)14  
BSc. Administration – City Campus24  
Bachelor of Arts (General Arts Background)15(16)  
Bachelor of Arts Full-Fee Paying22  
Bachelor of Arts , Administration10  
Bachelor of Arts , Administration (Full-Fee Paying)18  
Bachelor of Arts (Business/Science/ Vocational Background)12  
Bachelor of Arts – City Campus24  
Bachelor of Fine Arts22  

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