NSMQ 2024: Sunyani SHS Defeats St. James to Win Bono-Ahafo Zonal Championship


    Sunyani Senior High School (SUSEC) has emerged as the 2024 Bono-Ahafo Zonal Champion in the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ). They defeated two-time champions St. James Seminary SHS, along with Our Lady of Mt. Carmel SHS and Kintampo SHS, to secure their first regional trophy.

    In the previous regional championship, St. James Seminary had defeated Sunyani SHS by a large margin. However, this year, SUSEC was determined and focused on winning the ultimate prize.

    During the contest, Sunyani SHS took an early lead in the first round with a 4-point margin. Although St. James Seminary overtook them in the second round, they faltered in the penultimate round by missing three questions. This allowed Sunyani SHS to regain the lead.

    In the final round, SUSEC extended their lead by solving one of the riddles. Kintampo SHS, despite a slow start, managed to score points in the riddle round, closing in on St. James Seminary by just one point. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel SHS, meanwhile, struggled to keep up.

    The contest concluded with Sunyani SHS scoring 38 points, St. James Seminary SHS finishing with 31 points, Kintampo SHS with 30 points, and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel SHS with 18 points. The victory sparked celebrations at Sunyani Technical University, where the contest was held.

    The students at Sunyani SHS celebrated their team’s success, bringing pride and joy to their school and alumni. The school is hopeful for another historic win at the national tournament.

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