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King Promise Reacts to Stonebwoy Ignoring His Congratulatory Message After TGMA Win


Ghanaian music sensation King Promise, who won the TGMA’s “Popular Song of the Year,” has spoken out about Stonebwoy ignoring his congratulatory message.

King Promise expressed that he holds no grudges against Stonebwoy and is puzzled as to why his message was ignored by Stonebwoy.

After losing the “Artiste of the Year” title to Stonebwoy at TGMA2024, King Promise graciously congratulated the winner on social media but received no response. Stonebwoy later clarified that there was no ill intent, explaining that amidst the flood of congratulatory messages, he simply overlooked King Promise’s message.

In an interview with Sheldon, King Promise shared his thoughts: “It’s really up to him. I don’t know why he did that because I’m not a stranger to him. We’ve had conversations, made music together, and I’ve even contributed a song to his album. He’s known me before my career blew up.”

King Promise continued, “If he felt a certain way, I don’t think I did anything wrong by congratulating him, did I?”

King Promise’s response shows his professionalism and gracious attitude, reinforcing his status as a class act in the Ghanaian music scene.

Fans are hopeful that the two artists will continue to collaborate and support each other, strengthening the unity and camaraderie within the industry

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