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Ghana has 60,049 ashawo workers, according to new study


A recent study conducted by the Ghana AIDS Commission has revealed that there are an estimated 60,049 female sex workers (FSWs) in Ghana.

This figure includes both “seaters” – FSWs who operate at fixed locations like brothels and hotels – as well as “roamers” who move from place to place to find clients.

The study, which used multiple methods to arrive at this population size estimate, highlights the significant role that FSWs play in Ghana’s HIV epidemic.

Previous research has shown that HIV prevalence among FSWs in Ghana is much higher than the general adult population, ranging from 2.9% in the Upper East Region to as high as 9% in Ashanti and Greater Accra.

The Modes of Transmission analysis conducted in Ghana in 2014 estimated that 12% of new HIV infections occur among FSWs, men who have sex with men, and clients of FSWs.

An additional 13% of new infections were estimated to occur among the regular female partners of these high-risk groups.

This data underscores the need for targeted HIV prevention, testing, and treatment services for FSWs and their clients in Ghana.

Targeted HIV Prevention

The Ghana AIDS Commission has recognized this, and their National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan calls for regular mapping and size estimation of key populations like FSWs every 2-3 years.

With this new population size estimate, the Commission and its partners can work to ensure adequate resource allocation and the development of tailored interventions to address the HIV vulnerabilities faced by FSWs across the country.

Reducing stigma and discrimination, increasing access to testing and care, and empowering FSWs will be critical to curbing HIV transmission in this high-risk group.While the size of the FSW population in Ghana may seem daunting, this data provides a crucial evidence base to guide Ghana’s national HIV response and work towards epidemic control.

By prioritizing the needs of this marginalized population, Ghana can make significant strides in its fight against HIV/AIDS.

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