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University of Ghana Supplementary resit registration opened- Deadlines


It is announced for the information of the general student body that supplementary resit has been opened

This announcement applies to supplementary Re-Sit registration for first semester failed courses.

UG Resit Fees 2024

Important things to note about UG Supplementary resit exams

The exams are mostly written during vacation period

You have the opportunity to write failed courses you registered during semester one during vacation periods in that order

However, courses you took during the second semester will be written during the next academic year’s first semester vacation.

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Advantages of supplementary resit

self-paced learning

No too much stress

No IAs and assignments

best option for students who have exceeded their maximum credit hours


Exams marked over 100% at a sitting

No IAs to cover 30/20 marks

No group studies to cover stuffs you didn’t understand during the main lessons

The supplementary re-sit examination is open to only students who have failed (grade E or F) previously registered course(s). 

Procedure for payments

 payment for resit registration is done through Momo on the STS platforms / UG Cash Office. 

The university has provided for four semesters or to say two years to students who you have completed but have resit to redeem all resit papers they have (Amnesty)

After this period, such persons are no longer eligible to take resit examinations.

Any UGRC can be registered as either Main or Supplementary resit regardless of the semester

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