Home Entertainment Chef Smith arrested and detained over alleged fraud- Live Video

Chef Smith arrested and detained over alleged fraud- Live Video


Ghanaian celebrity chef Ebenezer “Chef Smith” has been arrested and detained by the La Police in Accra, reportedly on the orders of Nana Boroo, a prominent businessman.

This dramatic incident occurred as Chef Smith was in the midst of announcing his record-breaking achievement at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.

Alleged Fraud Charges

According to reports, Chef Smith was arrested on allegations of fraud. The specific details of the charges against him remain unclear, but the arrest has sent shockwaves through the Ghanaian culinary and entertainment communities.

“The Ghanaian Chef was arrested while announcing his record-breaking achievement on Tuesday (2 July) at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra,” stated a report by GhanaCelebrities.com.¬†

The article further mentioned that Chef Smith was “allegedly arrested and detained in the La Police Station over alleged fraud.”

Ongoing Guinness World Record Attempt

The arrest occurred just as Chef Smith was in the midst of attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon.

Witnesses reported that he was abruptly interrupted by police officers and taken into custody, cutting short his record-breaking endeavor.“Ghanaian Chef Ebenezer Smith popularly known as Chef Smith currently … arrested and detained at the La Police Station for alleged fraud,” according to a post on the social media platform Threads.

Unclear Motives

The reasons behind Chef Smith’s arrest and the involvement of Nana Boroo remain murky.

Some reports suggest that the arrest may have been orchestrated by Boroo, a prominent businessman, though the exact nature of the connection is yet to be fully established.

“Chef Smith Cook-A-Thon Guinness Record – Yen News,” a headline from Yen.com.gh¬†indicates that the chef was “reportedly picked up by men in police uniform midway through announcing his Guinness Record feat.

“As the investigation into this incident continues, the Ghanaian public and the culinary community await further clarity on the charges against Chef Smith and the circumstances surrounding his sudden arrest.

This development has cast a shadow over what was intended to be a celebratory moment for the renowned chef.


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