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UG Balme Library past questions default code released


The Balme library is the largest library in West Africa located in the heart of the University

The University of Ghana Balme Library has released a default code to help students retrieve past questions to aid their studies towards their incoming IAs and examinations.

For end-of-semester examinations, students cannot do away with past questions, as some lecturers do repeat questions to test the comprehension level of their students on a particular topic in the course taken during the semester under review.

Before the 2023–2024 academic year, students were to register on the Balme Library website with their index number and date of birth as it appeared on their student records with the university.

In light of this, gabsfeed.com visited Balme Library yesterday to inquire about the said default code being made available to students.

Students can login to the website using the link below


Default Code

USERNAME: 22211100


It is important to note that students who have already registered with the unit may still access the past questions.

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