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Nigeria leads global fight against meningitis with new vaccine – ARAB TIMES – KUWAIT NEWS


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Nigeria makes history with rollout of groundbreaking meningitis vaccine.

NIGERIA, April 14: Nigeria has made history by becoming the first country globally to implement the groundbreaking Men5CV vaccine in the fight against meningitis, according to an announcement from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Meningitis remains a significant health concern in Nigeria, with the country being identified as one of the hotspots for the deadly disease within Africa. Recent data from the WHO revealed a troubling trend, with a 50 percent increase in annual meningitis cases reported across 26 African countries categorized as hyperendemic for the disease.

Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO, emphasized the significance of Nigeria’s vaccine rollout, stating that it brings the world one step closer to the ambitious goal of eradicating meningitis by 2030.

Statistics from the WHO indicate a concerning situation in Nigeria, with 1,742 suspected meningitis cases and 153 recorded deaths in seven states between October of last year and mid-March of the current year.

The Men5CV vaccine offers comprehensive protection against the five major strains of meningitis prevalent in Nigeria. This represents a significant advancement compared to previous vaccines, which were effective against only one strain of the disease.

This news has been read 112 times!

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