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Court Rules in Favor of Sandra Amponsah Says UGSRC President Actions Unconstitutional


As published in the news and in a landmark decision, the Judicial Board of the University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council (UGSRC) has ruled that the dismissal of Sandra Amponsah Yeboah as the Women’s Commissioner by the UGSRC President Frank Tsikata is unlawful, void, and of no effect.

This verdict reaffirms the limitations of the presidential powers within the UGSRC, ensuring the autonomy and proper functioning of its various offices.

Background of the Case

The controversy began when Frank Tsikata decided to sack Sandra Amponsah Yeboah from her position as the Women’s Commissioner on a shakable ground

This move sparked significant debate within the student community, raising questions about the extent of the President’s authority and the proper procedure for removing an elected officer.

Judicial Board’s Ruling

After a thorough review, the Judicial Board concluded that the Frank Tsikata’s does not possess the power to unilaterally dismiss the Women’s Commissioner.

The ruling emphasized that such an action is beyond the scope of presidential authority as defined by the UGSRC Constitution.

Key Points of the Verdict

  1. Authority and Limits: The Judicial Board highlighted that the UGSRC President’s powers are limited by the Constitution, which does not grant the President the authority to sack or appoint commissioners.
  2. Due Process: The ruling underscored the importance of following due process and adhering to the constitutional guidelines when addressing the removal of an elected official. Any such action must involve the appropriate bodies and procedures outlined in the UGSRC Constitution.
  3. Autonomy of Offices: The decision reinforces the independence of various UGSRC offices, ensuring that no single individual can undermine the democratic structure of the council.

Implications of the Ruling

The Judicial Board’s decision has several significant implications for the governance of the UGSRC:

  • Reinstatement of Sandra Amponsah Yeboah: Sandra Amponsah Yeboah retains her position as the Women’s Commissioner, as the dismissal has been declared void.
  • Clarification of Presidential Powers: This ruling provides a clear precedent regarding the limits of the President’s powers, promoting a better understanding of constitutional boundaries within the UGSRC.
  • Strengthening of Democratic Processes: The decision underscores the importance of adhering to democratic principles and processes, reinforcing the rule of law within the student government.

Reactions from the Student Community

The verdict has been met with widespread approval from various student groups and leaders who view it as a victory for their fan Sandra Amponsah.

Many students have expressed their support for Sandra Amponsah Yeboah while praising the Judicial Board for upholding the rule of law.

Statement from Sandra Amponsah Yeboah

In response to the ruling, Sandra Amponsah Yeboah expressed her gratitude to the Judicial Board for their fair and just decision.

She reaffirmed her commitment to serving the student body and working towards advancing the interests of women on campus.

Moving Forward

The UGSRC President and other council members are expected to comply with the Judicial Board’s ruling and work collaboratively to ensure that all actions taken are in line with the UGSRC Constitution.

This decision serves as a reminder of the importance of constitutional governance and the need for all members of the council to respect the defined processes and limits of their roles.


The Judicial Board’s ruling on the unlawful sacking of Sandra Amponsah Yeboah as the Women’s Commissioner is a pivotal moment for the UGSRC.

It not only reinstates her position but also clarifies the boundaries of presidential powers, reinforcing the importance of constitutional adherence and due process.

As the UGSRC moves forward, this decision will serve as a cornerstone for upholding democratic principles and ensuring effective student governance

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