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You can graduate with grade ”E” or ”F” in University of Ghana if you meet this requirement


Every student in the university of Ghana must be mindful of the requirements for graduation as far as they remain students

It is an old adage question; can I graduate in university of Ghana with grade F in the college of Humanities?

The answer is YES, but this is however not applicable to all departments in the College of Humanities.

Most importantly, this is applicable when the course is an elective course

More so, can I graduate with grade E in a core course in the college of Humanities?

The answer is Yes. But you should know that this does not however apply to University Required Courses (UGRCs) where students can only graduate with grade ‘D’ and above.

It is pertinent to indicate that students in the college can graduate with grade ‘E’ in any core course; provided the total number of grades ‘Es’ and ‘Fs’ is not more than 16 credit hours can

Please (Refer to page 49 of Regulations for Junior Members (Students), Vol. 1; September 2016).

How many credit hours do I need to pass to be eligible for graduation?

Students in the University of Ghana needs to pass a minimum of 120 credit hours for B.A, BSc Administration, and LLB students.

In the case of B.F.A students the requirement is a minimum of 131 credit hours (Refer to page 49 of Regulations for Junior Members, Vol. 1; September 2016).

How many required courses must I take and which courses?

You must take six (6) UGRCs in all and pass with grade D and above, (Refer to page 44 of Regulations for Junior Members, Vol. 1; September 2016).

What do I do if I misplace my certificate after graduation?

The University of Ghana issues only one certificate to each student. In the event that you lose your certificate, you only apply for a transcript and a letter of Attestation from the Academic Affairs Directorate

And so, it is dear, to keep your certificate very well after completion

Graduation requirements for Engineering Students (College of Basic and Applied Sciences)

In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering, a student in the University of Ghana must satisfy all requirements of the University, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Department.

University Requirements

Students must take and pass all the following University required courses(UGRCs):

  • UGRC 110 Academic Writing I
  • UGRC 150 Critical Thinking and Practical Reasoning
  • UGRC 130 Understanding Human Societies
  • UGRC 220 African Studies
  • FAEN 206 Technical Report Writing (UGRC 210 Academic Writing II)

Faculty Requirements

A student shall be deemed to have satisfied the requirements for graduation if:

  • A student must take and pass the following courses:
    • FAEN 101 – Algebra
    • FAEN 102 – Calculus I
    • FAEN 201 – Calculus II
    • FAEN 202 – Differential Equations
  • A student must have accumulated 144 credits and passed at least 120 credits.
  • He/she must not have failed more than 24 credits of core and prescribed electives, provided that the failed grades are not lower than “E” and are not listed as requirements for graduation by the university, Faculty, or Department.

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    • You need to find out the (core and electives courses) you read under political science. With this you can determine if you are eligible to do away with a grade ‘E’ or ‘F’ in a particular course. I hope this explains better. refer to the regulations for Junior members Vol. 1; September 2016)

    • Hi K Fosu. A blessed day.
      You are doing a good work by letting the general public know about the requirements to come to Ghana’s premier University and how they can navigate their way through courses and eventually graduate.

      I am glad you used my graduation picture as your cover photo. Thank you for the highlight. I might as well go ahead and drop my link here as well. Lol.

      I’d suggest to your audience who are in Legon or prospective applicants who wish to study in Legon to try as much as possible to avoid these two grades E and F.
      Especially in core courses. Should any get such a grade, they should try and retake it again. My subjective view by the way.
      It’s great to keep good grades as it maximize chances for further studies.

      Benjamin Ohene


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