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I will push for your dismissal if you don’t apologize to me publicly – Legon SRC President goes hard on radio Universe journalist, warns him


The brouhaha surrounding UGRSRC WOCOM’s dismissal and reinstatement may not end any time soon as the president of the council has taken much concern over the issue

In public post sighted by gabsfeed.com, it is alleged that Frank Tsikata, the UGSRC President have been to radio Universe to warn one Mr. Collins Frimpong, the station’s journalist

According to the details of the story, Mr. Frank Tsikata was not happy over the earlier ruling which saw the reinstating of the SRC WOCOM, Sandra Amponsah Yeboah, a letter dated May 6, 2024, which reveals UG SRC Judicial Board’s ruling, reinstating Sandra Amponsah following an earlier dismissal by Frank Tsikata on March 28, 2024.

Scores of students have cited the President as so far, a power drunk as no solid evidence have been levelled against Sandra Amponsah Yeboah’s dismissal

gabsfeed.com cannot confirm if there is a conflict of interest between Frank Tsikata and Sandra Amponsah as the two have dominated the student media front, the last month(s) and June

The brand ambassador and student leader before ascending the highest office as the mouthpiece of the students’ body, was cited for alleged cyberbullying mostly on his WhatsApp status as this was playfully revealed during the vetting of SRC aspirants ’23 before elections and so the question still linger in the minds of students if this is continuous as his desire to kick out Sandra Amponsah Yeboah as the SRC WOCOOM is unmatched.

See below the video which sparked a lot of attention among the student body

According to the details of the story, Mr. Collins, a journalist at radio universe has extended an open invitation to the two parties on Campus Exclusive to talk to this issue

In a post sighted by gabsfeed.com, it can corroborate, some questions which pinned the SRC President to respond to

”Radio Univers in its journalist endeavours to inform students and the general public would want to pose these questions”:

1. What specific incidents or actions led to the decision to remove Sandra Amponsah Yeboah as the Women’s Commissioner?

2. Were there any formal complaints or reports filed against Sandra Amponsah Yeboah prior to her removal?

3. Can the convenors of the meeting provide details on the process and criteria used to review the conduct of the Women’s Commissioner?

4. What prompted the decision to exclude any mention of reviewing the conduct of the Women’s Commissioner in the initial meeting invitation?

5. Why was Sandra Amponsah Yeboah’s counsel instructed to leave the meeting, and how did this impact her ability to respond to the allegations?

6. What specific allegations were presented against Sandra Amponsah Yeboah during the meeting?

7. How did the decision to remove Sandra Amponsah Yeboah align with the rules and regulations governing the UG Students Representative Council?

8. Can the Execom provide documentation or evidence to support their decision to dismiss Sandra Amponsah Yeboah?

9. What prompted Radio Univers to report on the situation, and how does the SRC President’s response align with freedom of the press and professional journalism ethics?

10. Can the convenors of the meeting and Sandra Amponsah Yeboah share their perspectives on the events leading up to and following the decision, including any relevant context or background information?

As a matter of fact, the student leader has been advised to refrain from reacting to menial issues which may bring his office to a disrepute

Click here to read details https://univers.ug.edu.gh/controversy-surrounds-removal-of-ugsrc-wocom-src-president-threatens-student-journalist-over-post/


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